We Purchase in Hamburg and Berlin

We are continuously interested in the purchase of new properties and potential construction opportunities. We acquire real estate no matter the year of construction or condition, properties with and without secured building rights as well as possible development properties such as empty commercial spaces in residential areas.

Purchase price payments generally take place completely through equity financing. We involve external banks for refinancing mostly after the transaction and handover of the purchase. Thanks to this process we leave the seller with no transaction risk and full discretion.

For exclusive property offers, we offer intermediaries such as brokers, tax consultants, architects and administrators attractive maximum commissions for mediated purchases or attractive adviser remunerations for arranged vendor contacts.

Following the release of the audit-related documents that we request, you may receive a binding purchase offer within 14 days or a clear refusal within 72 hours.

If an agreement is reached, we make a down payment appropriate to the purchase price to a notary trust account before the notary appointment.

We look forward to receiving your offers at Ankauf@hb-grundbesitz.de.

Aquisition Profile

In the Hamburg region and in central Berlin
we are always looking for the following in good, established, upmarket and popular locations:

residential buildings, ensembles and large villas (commercial share max. 15 %)

  • Any year of construction
  • In any condition
  • At least 6 to a maximum of 100 units
  • At least 500 m² of living space
  • Asset or Share Deal

Properties and vacant lots with and without secured building rights for multi-storey buildings

  • At least 1,000 m², maximum 10,000 m² GFA
  • Preferred as Asset Deal

Completely empty commercial properties or those coming available in less than two years in normal, good and upmarket residential areas

  • Any year of construction
  • In any condition
  • At least 500 m², maximum 5,000 m² usable area
  • Preferred as Asset Deal